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What We Do

Precision Imaging offers reliable and responsive digital mobile x-ray and ultrasound services at nursing homes, rehab facilities, and long-term care centers, basically anywhere that is needed.

Our digital X-ray service is available 24 hours a day with prompt turn around time from time of order to delivery of report.

All of our images are read by board certified radiologists and cardiologists and our technologists are board certified and licensed. Upon completion of the exam the technologist will promptly send the exam to the radiologist or cardiologist for interpretation and call to follow up with the final report from our board certified physicians.





Our Services

Imaging Services


Precision Imaging offers reliable and responsive digital mobile x-ray and ultrasound services at a location that is convenient for the patient. Whether in the comforts of the home or a family doctor's office, we travel to where the patient needs the care.

Soon after a physician orders an x-ray or ultrasound with Precision Imaging, one of our certified technicians will travel to the desired location. Upon arrival, the technician will provide prompt digital imaging services that are developed onsite and uploaded to our secure network.

Physicians and radiologists can access the images immediately, which improves the speed of care offered and contributes to overall patient solutions.

Precision Imaging's trained staff uses the most up-to-date equipment to ensure quality images for the patient and care providers. We have teamed up with TXR, Carestream, and Terason all leaders in providing superb image quality.

Ultrasound Services


We offer abdominal, upper and lower extremity vascular and arterial, soft tissue, ECHO, small parts, carotid arteries, and ultrasound guided procedures.

We can also provide weekly, scheduled or on call visits to your office. Schedule patients in advance or order STAT exams any day of the week.

Why Choose Precision Imaging
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Why Choose Precision Imaging?

  • The advantage of speaking directly to a certified technologist when calling to order an exam.
  • Our professional, courteous staff will ensure the highest quality images in the most timely manner possible.
  • Access to your patients' reports and images via a secure server board.
  • A board certified radiologist available to read exams 24 hours a day.
  • All reports are called to the customer or referring physician or facility with a final written report to follow.
  • We use the same digital technology that you will find in many imaging centers and hospitals but with a more convenient location…yours!
  • No hidden expenses.